Testing, identifying, removing and preventing mold growth in your home or business. 

No matter how healthy your body is, a home without mold is important for you and your family’s health. We provide mold detection, mold removal, and mold proofing for all of Kansas so the air you breathe most is clean and safe.

We are dedicated to keeping the breathing air in homes, schools, and offices fresh and toxin-free. With that in mind, we offer free visual inspections of your home or workplace. We also provide Testing that involves taking samples from the structure’s foundation, walls, floors, carpeting, and anywhere it may commonly grow. We then take the samples to a lab and test them for the presence of mold. We are committed to finding an eco-friendly, cost-effective solution to creating a safe, clean-air home by staying up-to-date with current mold removal methods. Additionally, we offer mold proofing to all structures, which can save your health and your wallet. Whether you have an old home, are building a new house, or expanding, we offer either low-cost partial treatments or full-home mold proofing.

Our Services:

The Mold Proof Inspection: Free in-depth visual inspection

Certified Mold Inspection: Samples and test data evaluated by a third-party laboratory

Mold Removal and Remediation: Certified mold-remediation services

Mold Proof: Permanent mold prevention for all interior surfaces

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